Cookie Clicker City

This new version of the popular Cookie Clicker game is called Cookie Clicker City. You work hard to make cakes, which you sell to make money. You then use that money to build a city that is modern and busy.
When you start the game, you'll see a small piece of land with nothing on it. This is where your journey begins. You can click on the separate big cake to make smaller cakes.
When the results are ready, you'll need to buy the things you need to build your city or things that help you make a lot of cakes automatically. REMOVE
To have the best building and making money ecosystem, you need to plan and invest wisely. Being patient with time will help you a lot when you're making a big cake. Day and night will switch places on their own.

The game is very easy and is broken up into 5 different stages. You can build up to 18 different buildings in the game to help you grow the city and make production more efficient. In this game, you can get about 600 upgrades and 700 achievements. You can find out about many other interesting things.

When you play, you can get more cookies by trying to save cookies and increasing the number of cookies you get per click. Have a good time!

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