10-Yard Fight (Japan)

Irem created the game 10-Yard Fight(JP) for arcades and the Nintendo Entertainment System. American football is the main theme of the game, which has five difficulty settings: high school, college, professional, playoffs, and Super Bowl, with the latter being the most challenging. Both players and critics agree that the game is terrible overall.
Outside of Japan, Nintendo released the NES version. On May 2, 2018, Hamster re-released the arcade version for the Nintendo Switch as a part of their Arcade Archives collection.


1. Select difficulty level: Choose from one of the five levels (high school, college, pro, playoffs, Super Bowl).

2. Basic gameplay:
- You control the offensive team.
- The goal is to advance the ball down the field and score touchdowns.
- You have four downs to gain 10 yards and keep possession.

3. Controls:
- Use the directional pad to move your player.
- One button might be used for passing, another for kicking.
- Timing and direction are likely crucial for successful plays.

4. Offensive plays:
- Run the ball by controlling the player with the ball.
- Pass the ball by selecting a receiver and timing the throw.

5. Defensive interaction:
- Avoid tackles from opposing players.
- The game likely automatically switches to defense if you lose possession.

6. Scoring:
- Score touchdowns by reaching the end zone.
- Kick extra points or attempt two-point conversions.
- Field goals might be an option on fourth downs.

7. Game progression:
- Advance through quarters and try to outscore your opponent.
- The difficulty likely increases as you progress through the levels.

Keep in mind that as an early football game, the mechanics are probably quite simple compared to modern sports games. The controls and gameplay are likely to be basic and potentially frustrating, given the game's poor reception.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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