1943 - The Battle of Midway (Japan) (Beta)

Capcom released 1943: The Battle of Midway(JP), a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game, in June 1988. Capcom launched their Nintendo Entertainment System port. There is a wide range in these third-party versions' overall faithfulness and execution level. The second game in the 1940 series is 1943, which comes after the popular 1942
Off the shore of Midway Atoll, in the Pacific theater of World War II, is where the game is set. The objective is to destroy the Japanese battleship Yamato by attacking the Japanese Air Fleet that struck the players' American aircraft carrier, pursuing all Japanese air and sea troops, and flying through all 24 play levels. Five levels include an all-aerial battle against a squadron of Japanese bombers and a Mother Bomber that must be destroyed, while eleven levels have an air-to-sea struggle (with a massive battleship or aircraft carrier as an End-Level Boss). Players fly a P-38 just as in 1942.

There are two buttons used: one for normal attacks (using several weapons) and another for special actions that harm the plane or execute a loop similar to the one from 1942.

In contrast to 1942, the player only has one refilling energy meter and one life. The reduction of energy is caused by:

being struck by enemy fire (light damage)
being struck by enemy aircraft; the larger the plane, the severe the damage (huge loss, frequently fatal)
Acquiring a unique weapon power-up
Utilizing special assaults (tsunami, cyclone, lightning), the game ends when the P-38 runs out of energy.
The standard twin gun is replaced by special weapons, which can be acquired as power-ups (see below) and only persist for a short while before bullets return to normal. Among them are:

Shotgun (wide, deflects enemy fire; its power is increased by a second shotgun power-up)
Wide three-way machine gun, like the basic shot
Auto (displays a long blast of flames)
Super Shell: the only weapon that, when held down, discharges continually
Rare, armor-piercing laser
Particular assaults consist of:

Lightning (only in air portions; obliterates any tiny aircraft)
Tsunami (available exclusively in surface fighting areas; damages ships, eliminates all small flying objects, and briefly halts scrolling)
Cyclone (eliminates all hostile fire)
The player's energy meter will drop quickly when using the Lightning, Tsunami, and Cyclone, but not to the point where they cease working.
Ship targets will be included in the score if the level concludes with a surface attack; otherwise, all air targets are included. To complete the task, the player must destroy 70% of the boss or else they will have to go back to the scene. When a level is finished, the majority of the energy meter is restored, and points are given based on how many targets were eliminated and how many loop moves are left.

A power-up, most commonly the POW icon, will restore a small portion of the energy meter when all of the red enemy planes in the formation are destroyed. The player has the option to fire at the POW icon in order to transform it into any of the previously mentioned weapon power-ups. Weapon power-ups must be picked up frequently to avoid weapons reverting to stock guns because the current weapon power-up runs out over time (one point every second). The uncommon double canister, the final normal power-up, will refill the majority of the energy gauge. Aside from random runs into red squadrons, it is obtained by repeatedly shooting at a power-up icon until it eventually becomes one.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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