Asphalt Retro

In the classic racing game Asphalt Retro, you can drive a high-end racing car around some of the most well-known places in the world. In this exciting race, you have to move forward as quickly as you can without getting into trouble. You can put your racer to the test on eight beautiful tracks in a variety of powerful cars. If you hurt or damage a police car while racing, the police will put you on their "wanted" list, which will make you money. If you want to stay away from possible dangers, you need to turn left and right often. You can use the boosters you've collected to get more nitro or get rid of stars you don't want. Keep an eye on your enemies as you turn left and right to avoid their attacks. If you are successful, you will go to new places and learn how to use arrows. If you like racing video games, check out our Racing series.

How to play
By pressing the up arrow, you can speed up. Press the left or right arrow key twice to make the character sway.

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