Azure Dreams (USA)

Azure Dreams (USA) is a roguelike RPG developed by Konami for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color.

How to play

1. Main Objective:
- Climb the Monster Tower, reaching higher floors to uncover the story and develop your town

2. Gameplay Loop:
- Explore the tower
- Raise monster companions
- Develop the town of Monsbaiya

3. Tower Exploration:
- Enter the tower with one monster companion
- Navigate randomly generated floors
- Find stairs to ascend to the next level
- Collect items, equipment, and monster eggs
- Battle monsters

4. Combat:
- Turn-based battles
- Use melee attacks, magic spells, or your monster's abilities
- Manage your HP and MP

5. Monster Companions:
- Hatch eggs to get new monsters
- Raise and train monsters to fight alongside you
- Different monsters have unique abilities and strengths

6. Item Management:
- Limited inventory space
- Use items for healing, status effects, or other benefits
- Equip weapons and armor to increase your stats

7. Town Development:
- Use money and resources gathered from the tower to build and upgrade facilities in Monsbaiya
- Interact with townspeople and potential love interests

8. Character Growth:
- Gain experience and level up to increase stats
- Learn new spells and abilities

9. Permadeath Mechanic:
- If you die in the tower, you lose all items and monsters you brought with you
- Your character level resets to 1, but you keep any developments in the town

10. Key Features:
- Randomly generated tower floors for replayability
- Monster raising system
- Town-building elements
- Multiple endings based on your actions and relationships

11. Tips:
- Always bring healing items into the tower
- Save frequently when in town
- Focus on raising a strong monster companion early on
- Don't be discouraged by death; it's part of the game's progression

Azure Dreams combines dungeon crawling, monster raising, and town-building elements, offering a unique blend of gameplay styles. The random nature of the tower and the permadeath system make each run a new experience.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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