The Backrooms is an urban legend, a creepypasta, and a group writing project that shows an endless maze of study rooms and other environments that are made up by chance. It has the smell of wet carpet, yellow walls that are all the same color, and buzzing fluorescent lights. Internet users have taken this idea further by making different "levels" and "entities" that live in the Back Room.
Backrooms is also the basis for a horror game with the same name that was made by Pie on a Plate Productions and came out in 2019. It was praised for how scary it was, and the writer for Bloody Disgusting, Michael L. Sandal, said it reminded him of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's books. The author of Guru Gamer, Sigma Klim, thinks the game is a unique take on what he calls the "cliche and overused motif" of most horror content. He compares it to Yume Nikki from 2004, and PCMag gave it a "honorable mention" in their list of the "best free Steam games" because of its "scary" and "crazy" atmosphere, even though it is "an extremely short title."

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