Blocky Roads Online

In Blocky Roads Online, you have to get on the roads and get over the hills. Are you ready for a car trip that will take you to new places and give you new experiences? Now, are you ready for the best trip you've ever taken on the road?

Get in your car and prepare to drive over the bumpy roads. This trip is full of new things to do, and you'll need to be a good driver to finish all the levels. Sometimes the roads are dangerous, and sometimes there are other things in the way, but if you drive with confidence, you'll be fine. There are 20 stages in this game. You just need to click on the screen, and your car will move forward. There will be different tasks for you, like having to drive over zombies to kill them or having to go over hills. Also, don't forget to pick up coins along the way. You can use those coins to improve your speed, jumps, gas, or time. Now, get behind the wheel and make sure to keep your speed and gas in balance as you go.


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