Cars Driver

In Cars Driver, you can get in your car and do crazy moves that would make a normal driver gasp. In traffic, you can't go as fast as you want, but this game lets you enjoy empty roads with different challenges. Do you have enough control over your car to be able to land on all four wheels after you've been in the air?

In this game, you have as much freedom as a bird, so don't expect strict rules or goals. Just pick a car and go as fast as you can. To start the game, choose one of three places. You can choose between a desert, a port, or a plain. You'll see a lot of different ramps and other buildings. Use the arrow keys to move, and do what you can to do stunts. Drive over different-sized hills, give one of the loop-the-loops a try, and so on. In this game, you can drive 3 different cars. The first is a racing car, the second is a police car, and the third is an old car. If you want to go faster, you can turn on the nitro boost! Good luck!

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