Pac Xon

Pac Xon is a game like Pac-Man, but it is different. Instead of moving around the maze to eat pellets, you build a wall that fills the screen as you move. When 80% of the gap is filled, the level is done. Make sure you don't get caught by the ghosts.

How to play

You can move Pac Xon around the level by pressing the arrow keys. When he moves, a wall will be built for him. Keep an eye out for buffs that can give you a quick advantage.

Pac Xon's goal is to build the wall until it takes up 80% of the space. You have to reach this goal while ghosts try to hurt you. If they fly into a wall that isn't finished, you will dead.

As you move through the levels, you'll face more ghosts of different sizes. Pac Xon has 50 different levels in all.

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