Parkour Race

Madbox made the game Parkour Race. In this game, you have to guide your stickman through a race with the rest of the crowd. You can run or jump from one roof to the next!
Run through the glowing speed bumpers to build up speed, and jump and flip to show off your style. You can make a stickman like no other by using daily challenges, power-ups, and even flashy accessories. You will get better at running if you take part in a Parkour race.

Don't miss out on the Parkour Race if you are a big fan of motor sports.

Parkour Race is a simple arcade game where you can't change your character. But it is made so that you can change the way your character looks with a unique set of skins.

This game gives you an endlessly realistic experience with its 3D graphics and colorful scenery. When you make a long jump between buildings, you also get a thrill and feel excited. Doesn't that sound cool?

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