Poppy vs Garten of banban House escape

Poppy vs Garten of banban House escape is a horror game comprised of frightening monsters and an enigmatic haunted mansion.
Can you evade the evil creatures of the Garten of Banban and solve the mysteries of the haunted house? In this game, you must demonstrate courage and quick thinking in order to vanquish the monsters and escape the Garten of Banban.
The gameplay is simple to grasp but difficult to master, as you must avoid the lethal traps set by the monster in the Garten of Banban. In this horror game, you have 120 days to escape and every action counts as you fight for survival.
Download the game immediately to encounter the terror and excitement of Garten of Banban. Additionally, the game features a Minecraft mod, a mobile version, and a second chapter with new creatures and challenges. I hope you have a wonderful time!

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