Real Construction Excavator Simulator

Real Construction Excavator Simulator is a driving simulation game that lets you try being a truck driver for a day.
In this online game, you'll have to drive through some of the most difficult terrain you've ever seen, which will test your driving skills.
The main goal of this game is to get building supplies to the construction sites. For this mission, you'll need to be a good driver and pay attention, because even a small mistake could cost you your cargo.
To load your truck, you will have to move around an excavator. This task can be hard, but if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Once your truck is full, you'll have to drive to the construction site and carefully put the things you're carrying in the right place.

How to Play

Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive. Mouse - Camera control Handbrake in Space E - Dump F - Change between cars Excavator: Press "F" to change between vehicles Mouse - Control camera E - Switch between driving and digging To drive, use the WASD and Arrow keys. - X/C drive - V/B bucket handle- Bucket tilt To dig, use the left and right arrow keys, the up and down arrow keys, and the Di switch. To open the bucket, hold V.

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