TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

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Troll Face Search Horror features some of the most popular horror movies out there, like The Shining, Phsycho, and The Little Shop of Horrors. The simple point-and-click action and fun puzzles will both disappoint and entertain you.

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TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

Scary, funny, and bizarre adventures are what Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 has for you in the second installment of the shocking TFQ horror series! So go to your bedroom, your dorm room, or any room and get ready to scream silly while you LOL with tons of crazy jokes and puzzles based on the movies. Scariest movie ever made. This game is definitely not for your grandma or young child! full of creepy references to many of your favorite horror movies and TV shows. I wish you a great experience!

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