Vex 4

Vex 4: Ready to play? For the fourth time, race fast, jump over scary ravines, escape deadly traps, and reach the top! Let adrenaline guide your actions to conquer many hurdles and win! Run and exercise! We'll face Vex!

How to play

Vex 4 is the fourth game in the popular series! Play action-packed levels with cunning traps and other difficulties. You must fulfill all Vex behavior levels, same in previous games. Vex 4 has 9 activities with treacherous traps and difficult pathways. Anywhere is risky. Game controls are quick and easy. Move with left/right arrow keys or AD key. Jump by pressing up or W. Vex passageways can be narrow.

Crouch and crawl or slide through those tiny openings with the down arrow or S key. Enter behaviors using the S or down arrow keys. Push down at the entryway. Mouse-check your character's surroundings while standing stationary. This helps when the next pedestal or trap is above or below you and not on your screen. Completing the bottom-of-screen challenges unlocks Hard Mode for each action. Run and prove your invincibility!

Vex 4 is addicting for all ages. Visit our portfolio and try Vex 3 if you liked the fourth game!

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