Xena - Warrior Princess

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The classic game Xena - Warrior Princess is a lot of fun. The game begins with Xena and Gabrielle walking down a path, with Gabrielle telling Xena about her new story. Xena then decided to travel alone to Oebalus to see an old friend Valerian. But when she arrived, she noticed black smoke rising and took it as a bad omen. Xena saves the remaining hostages and eventually tracks down the Pirate King Pactolus. He informed her after a battle with him and his minions that King Valerian had paid him and his boys to distract her while Valerian's soldiers captured Gabrielle on the road. Xena then went to the Isle of Kronos on her own to find Valerian, but she had to overcome many obstacles. To cross a bridge, she must defeat Cyclops, Valerian's Soldier, and a troll. She then uses her chakram to break the drawbridge's shackles. When she finally made it into the Castle, the King appeared with two central cores. After killing the centurions, Xena inquired of Valerian about Gabrielle and the reason for all of this. Valerian responded that Gabrielle had been chosen for a very special ceremony and that her sacrifice would aid in the establishment of new world order. The king then transforms into a Minotaur and dashes into the castle's labyrinth, hot on Xena's tail. Xena found Gabrielle and killed the Minotaur in the maze. Xena rejoins her friend, and Gabrielle informs her that the King mentioned a band of Amazons. They decided to pay them a visit in order to get some answers.
Based on John Schulian and Robert Tapert's hit TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, Questward Ho! continues the story of Xena and her trusted companion, Gabrielle, as they fight to protect the innocent and redeem Xena's troubled past. In How the Quest Was Won, Troy's quest for Helen comes to an explosive conclusion. Continue on your journey to discover new and exciting adventures.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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