Sonic CD

Sonic CD is a side-scrolling platform game similar to the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Players take control of Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to prevent his archenemy, Doctor Robotnik, from acquiring the magical Time Stones and conquering Little Planet. Like in previous games, Sonic can destroy enemies and objects (such as certain walls and television monitors containing power-ups) by rolling into a ball, and collect rings as a form of health. Sonic can also perform a "spin dash" and a "super peel-out", both of which increase his speed. The game has seven levels. In the first and second games, the levels were named zones, but in this game, they're named rounds, with the previously-named acts now named zones instead. Each round is split into three zones, the third of which ends in a boss fight against Robotnik. Players start with three lives, which are lost when they suffer any type of damage without rings in their possession; losing all lives results in a game over.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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