Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (street fighter 2' 920513 etc)

While there are significant differences from the original World Warrior version, the gameplay is comparable with the Street Fighter II sub-series.
Four Shadaloo Bosses, Balrog (Boxer), Vega (Claw), Sagat, and M. Bison (Dictator), in addition to the game's eight main characters, are now playable characters. The strength of the Shadaloo Bosses has decreased dramatically from earlier editions, although they are still quite formidable when contrasted to the usual eight gladiators. The eight primary characters' strategies and return preferences have been further adjusted so that they can compete with one another. The typical fighting styles of Ryu and Ken have become increasingly distinct.
Both players cannot select the same character in World Warrior. In the Champion Edition, this restriction was lifted, enabling "mirror battles."
Color improvements are among the minor graphic modifications, especially for the backdrop stages. All character photos, as well as the conclusions of a few recurring characters, have been redone. The closing credits scene will feature new music.

Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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